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An airy bouquet of seasonal flowers

Code: SZ3

An airy bouquet of seasonal flowers: roses, lisanteums, spray roses, etc.

Discover our enchanting bouquet of seasonal flowers, featuring 25 carefully selected flowers to create an arrangement that delights the eye and warms the heart. This bouquet is the perfect way to add color and freshness to any room or event.

The composition:

  • Roses: A symbol of class and elegance, these roses add a gorgeous look and delicate fragrance to a bouquet.
  • Lisanthemums: Exude vibrancy and strength while adding textural variety and color vibrancy.
  • Bush roses. Smaller, cozier bush roses add softness and natural beauty to the arrangement.
  • Eryngium: With its unique shape and pale blue tones, eryngium provides a contemporary look and structure.
  • Eucalyptus: In addition to adding a fresh scent to the bouquet, it also creates a green, airy background that brings out the colors of other flowers.

This bouquet is expertly arranged to create a feeling of airiness and lightness, while maintaining a glamorous and expressive look. Each flower is chosen for its uniqueness and how it fits into the overall composition, creating a harmonious and attractive visual effect.

Ideal as a gift for loved ones or as an elegant decoration for your home. This bouquet promises freshness and long-lasting beauty with high-quality flowers and artful arrangements.

EUR 99.99

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